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What Are the End Result of Using the Wrong Fuel?

Date:25-08-2022 | By: Redlines Diesel Trading

Owning a car is cool, but conducting regular inspections and taking good care of the maintenance is a tough job that needs care and attention. What if you unknowingly filled the wrong fuel in your car? What is the end result of using the wrong fuel? Find out the answers to such questions in this article on What Are the End Result of Using the Wrong Fuel? 

The title might sound bizarre to you but it is a more common mistake than you think. Most of the time people forget to specify the type of fuel to be filled and end up filling the wrong fuel in their car. Modern car fueling systems are very sensitive and it might even end up in an engine seizure. However, if you manage to understand your mistake sooner than later, you can save your car’s engine. 

Put the Wrong Fuel In?

Humans are prone to mistakes and filling the wrong fuel is an honest and common mistake made by human beings. The chances of filling up a petrol engine with diesel are not heard of as petrol car tanks are smaller and the diesel nozzle does not fit through it. However, filling diesel cars with petrol is a very common mistake.

The major problem is in the working of the engines. Diesel engines lubricate the internal parts using the fuel. So, when a wrong fuel gushes into the internal parts it causes extensive damage to the engine as petrol does not have any lubricating capacity. 

What Are the End Result of Using the Wrong Fuel?

Irrespective of filling petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car, both the incidents can damage your car badly. 

Diesel in a petrol car:

Since the nozzle of a diesel dispenser is bigger than the tank of petrol cars, the chances of misfuelling are less to an extent. Even then, if diesel enters into a petrol car, the damages are minute. The first part to be damaged would be the fuel filter as fuel filters are not used to the greasy effect of diesel. This leads to misfiring, heavy smoke, and most possibly the stalling of your car. 

Petrol in Diesel Car:

This is a total mishap and can cause a lot of damage to your car. As the petrol dispenser nozzles are smaller and the diesel tanks larger in size, it is bound to happen often. Unlike petrol cars, diesel cars compress the diesel and gush the diesel to lubricate the internal parts of the car. It is hard to get rid of the petrol once it enters into the internal parts. The fuel injection pump functions properly only with the help of diesel. Since petrol cannot do the job, the performance becomes unequal. 

What to Do When You Use the Wrong Fuel

Handling the situation as soon as possible reduces the damages that misfuelling causes to your vehicle. 

If you realize you have put in the wrong fuel in your car before turning on your vehicle, disconnect the main fuel line between the engine and the tank immediately. If you have already started the car, turn off the engine the moment you realize your mistake. 

Next, drain out the fuel using a hose through the filler cap. If you are unable to do it yourself, contact your nearest mechanic immediately. Once all the fuel is drained out, crank the engine of your car and pump out the leftover fuel. After that, fill the right type of fuel and crank up the engine. 

Once you are certain that you have cleaned out the wrong fuel, connect the fuel tank with your engine. You can also add an additive to the fuel to clean up the injectors.

Find Out Which Fuel Should I Use

Before fuelling up your vehicle, you must know which fuel to use. Does your car need diesel or petrol? 

Misfuelling can cause a lot more damage than you think, and it can also cost you a lot of money to repair your car. Check for a label on the fuel door or fuel filler neck. Some vehicles have it written as a warning on the instrument cluster regarding the type of fuel required for your vehicle. 

You can also find it in your owner’s manual under the fluids and specifications section. You can also contact your vehicle manufacturer’s support line.

How to Avoid Using the Wrong Fuel in Your Car

Misfuelling usually happens because the drivers are not paying enough attention. Always remember that the color of the nozzle and the hose is not always consistent. If you are at a fuelling station that you aren’t familiar with, do not just pick up a hose because you have always been using the exact color hose for fuel. Make sure to read the signage given on the hose properly before fuelling. 

The AA recommends putting a reminder on the inside of your car’s fuel cap to double-check that you are using the right fuel. 

Ensure that you always check for the right fuel to be used before you start fuelling your vehicle. Follow the steps given above immediately when you realize you have used the wrong fuel in your car or vehicle. Always contact the nearest mechanic in case of emergencies.

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