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Tips to get high-quality diesel when buying in bulk

Date:24-06-2021 | By: Redlines

A decree from the UAE Federal Cabinet follows the latest international requirements in environmental and quality standards that UAE should use diesel with only 10 parts per million (ppm) sulfur as opposed to diesel with 50 or 500 ppm sulfur that is currently in use throughout the rest of the GCC nations. However, adopting low sulfur diesel for a country’s market requires massive investment in fuel refineries. Fuel trading companies in UAE  suggest certain tips to get high-quality diesel when buying in bulk volumes as mentioned below. 

Plan in Advance
Plan ahead and anticipate the fuel requirements for the season to come. Thinking about your fuel requirements and organizing can ensure consistent and regular fuel purchases. This will enable tracking the cost involved for fuels and allocate the budget accordingly. Since the prices fluctuate according to season it would be wise to stock up when fuel is cheap.

Fluctuating Prices
Fuel prices are often influenced by a range of factors like supply and demand, conflict or GDP growth, and government taxes. The fuel market is very complex and predicting whether the prices will go up or down is extremely difficult. Diesel trading companies in Abu Dhabi suggest it is always better to budget for contingencies and abrupt increases in fuel prices, so then when the prices reduce the profit margin will increase.

It is very essential to maintain and manage your stores in order to maintain your fuel prices. Your fuel storage infrastructure and transportation tanks will require regular maintenance to ensure your fuel is clean and usable. Also in order to stay on top of your finances, regular auditing is suggested. You may require a specialist service such as on-site refueling, fixed tank refueling sites, or bulk fuel storage tanks if you are in a particularly rural or remote location.

Trustworthy supplier
It is imperative that you secure a reliable and consistent supplier that never compromises the quality of fuel. The quality of your diesel is important because otherwise it reduces your engine life span of the large machinery and vehicles as well as reduces its overall efficiency. If you are looking for a trustworthy supplier with reasonable prices, fuel suppliers in Dubai can help out in delivering wholesale diesel fuel at reasonable prices.

The cost of fuel is one of the major expenses for any company that operates vehicles and/or heavy equipment. Even more volatile than fuel is the fuel prices and companies always look for ways to keep the running costs low. The most effective fuel management practice for such companies would seem to buy fuel in bulk from a wholesale diesel fuel supplier, especially for companies with fleets of cars and those located far away from the dealers. There are numerous fuel suppliers in Dubai that suggest wholesale fuel supply as compared to retail.

Advantages of Wholesale Fuel vs. Retail Fuel

  • Increased Efficiency: Having fuel ready at all times reduces the waiting period for fueling. The demands of operating machinery can be met quickly.
  • Decreased Downtime: A halt due to fuel unavailability will never arise leading to increased production and lesser wait time.
  • Improved Productivity: More time to concentrate on other pressing matters.
  • Higher Fulfillment Rates: The average wait time at retail fueling stations is high and leads to a lesser number of on-time deliveries. Wholesale fuel availability ensures more reliable deliveries.
  • Cost-effective: Purchasing costs are considerably lower

So why don’t all companies opt for wholesale fuel? It is a fact that it seems the rational thing to do. But the truth is that not all companies can profit from buying wholesale fuels equally. Let us understand what needs to be considered when switching from retail to bulk fuel delivery.

  • Assess Your Fuel Needs to determine if the company can afford large purchases and requires constant refueling. 
  • Consider the Storage Life of the Fuel since the storage facilities cost a small fortune to establish and maintain. Microbes and moisture can ruin the entire supply if stored for prolonged periods.
  • Maintaining Fuel Quality is a daunting task. The wholesale fuel once delivered to the site becomes the sole responsibility of the company. 

The Middle East has the majority of its passenger vehicles with a petrol engine. Heavy vehicles and machinery that require diesel are supplied as Tier 2/3 or Euro 2/3. Engines may lack after-exhaust treatments, have extra fuel filters, and may not have the high-pressure fuel injection systems needed to ensure fuel efficiency. Diesel engines tend to have better fuel economy than petrol engines in a few cases. To be able to operate efficiently, diesel vehicles must have an engine with all of its elements like fuel filters, fuel tanks, fuel pumps, fuel lines, and fuel injectors all in adequate working order. 

Redlines Diesel Trading is one of the leading fuel trading companies in UAE which has earned a name for itself in this highly competitive market. Their premium quality low sulfur diesel fuel with efficient distribution across the UAE and outstanding customer service has helped them to become one of the best diesel trading companies in the United Arab Emirates.

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