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Things to Know About Long Term Diesel Storage

Date:31-03-2022 | By: Redlines Diesel Trading

There are several reasons why you would wish to keep fuel on hand. Perhaps you're a doomsday survivalist in need of a lot of gasoline for your generators. Or maybe you're stockpiling for when you get a nice deal. Fuel costs are continuously changing, and the best time to begin storing them is when they fall. Whatever the reason, diesel traders in UAE suggest that it is always a good idea to be informed about things to know about long-term diesel storage

How Long Can Diesel Be Stored?

Despite merchants and the government asking drivers to just buy what they need, several filling stations in the country have had their pumps run empty or have been forced to set spending limitations in order to manage their supply. According to studies, diesel fuel begins to taint and deteriorate within 28 days of storage. Diesel fuel can only be kept for an average of 6 to 12 months, maybe longer under ideal conditions. In general, to extend the life of stored diesel fuel quality, it needs to be:

  • Kept cool at around 21 degrees Celcius
  • Treated with stabilizers and biocides
  • Maintained properly in proper containers

Understanding Diesel Fuel Storage Requirements

The storage requirements of diesel are dependent on whether the liquid fuel is "combustible" or "flammable," as determined by the fuel flashpoint. In the presence of an ignition source, the fuel flash point is the lowest temperature at which the gasoline will ignite. According to NFPA 30, combustible liquids have a flashpoint equal to or more than 100F (37.8°C), whereas flammable liquids have a flashpoint less than 100F(37.8°C).

The dimensions of a bulk diesel storage tank can be determined by a variety of factors, including the emergency power supply system (EPSS) classification in some applications. The 133 percent bulk fuel storage capacity allows for multiple test runs of the emergency diesel for maintenance purposes before the tank needs to be refilled. The tank restocking cycle should be designed so that the fuel inventory does not fall below the minimum amount specified by NFPA 110 depending on the EPSS classification.

Bulk tanks can be built above ground, inside a storage tank vault, below the ground (directly buried), or inside a storage tank structure. Above-ground tanks must-have emergency relief venting to relieve internal pressure if the tank catches fire. Above-ground tanks must also have spill-control measures in place.

Tips For Keeping Fuel Stable

Protect the Tank from the Elements of the Weather

Exposure to the weather elements is one of these problems. If the storage tank is overground, it is best to construct a cover or some type of enclosure around it to protect it from these elements.

Maintain a full storage tank

The presence of moisture causes bacteria and fungi to flourish, producing organic acids that make the fuel unstable. Because the tank breathes, the majority of the water comes from condensation.

Regularly drain the storage tank

The storage tank should be emptied at least once a month. If the storage tank exhibits an increasing proclivity to collect water, the activity should be repeated more frequently, maybe weekly.

Keep Dust and Dirt Away

Because dust and dirt include trace elements like zinc and copper, when diesel fuel is exposed to them, these metals quickly react with the fuel, forming unstable compounds that can render the fuel unstable. To ensure that dirt is eliminated from storage tanks, a regular maintenance schedule should be implemented.

Hire a Fuel Tank

It can be a good idea to lease a diesel fuel tank that has all of the characteristics needed to guarantee proper storage of additional gasoline. Some storage tanks have a well-defined place down the tank where water may gather and be drained, while others include an automated filtration system that allows gums and silt to be removed before they cause issues.

Ensure testing fuel samples regularly for irregularities

Buying in bulk can lower your fuel unit cost, so if you utilize a bulk fuel tank to store additional diesel for an extended period, arrange for samples to be collected at regular intervals to monitor the fuel quality. 

Storage and Tank Regulations

API 650 or a comparable globally recognized standard is required for fuel storage tanks. Any gasoline storage tanks built per any equivalent globally recognized standards must be reported to the Bureau. Such design and construction work must be done by a Qualified Organization.

Infrastructure should provide for early identification of fuel leaks in storage tanks, either by remote instrument alerts such as fall-in level, detection of vapors, or other remote instrument intervention or through manual inspection during normal operations.

The region around a fuel storage tank must have a Secondary Containment that can store at least one hundred and ten percent (110 percent) of the design capacity of the biggest tank and is meant to contain a Fuel Leak and prevent it from negatively harming the environment and public health.

The license holders using Fuel Storage Tank Systems must adhere to UAE national civil defense laws and standards, as well as pass periodic inspections.

The Best Conditions For Storing Diesel

You should create an inspection and management plan for your diesel fuel tank storage system that encompasses all of the above recommendations. A maintenance schedule is very vital when the stored fuel is for an emergency or standby generator. These generators are rarely used, and the fuel supply is frequently devoid of testing and maintenance.

When an emergency scenario arises, you need to know that everything will continue to function properly, and maintaining the fuel in excellent condition is a key component of that. You should also set a time limit for using up all of the old, stored fuel so that the tank can be cleaned and new diesel can be added. 

Finally, confirm that your strategy complies with all federal, state, and local rules and requirements. By doing so, you've already come a long way toward extending the shelf life and quality of your stored diesel fuel.

Redlines Diesel Trading is one of the leading fuel suppliers in Dubai that has large reserves of diesel stored over long periods. Contact us for more information on how to store diesel more efficiently at your location. 

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