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The Importance of Cleaner Diesel

Date:30-06-2022 | By: Redlines Diesel Trading

Diesel engine manufacturers are utilizing new technologies to meet the firm requirements of tightening emissions regulations. The High-Pressure Common Rail or HPCR Fuel Injection System has been widely accepted by heavy and light diesel engine manufacturers as an important part of meeting the new regulations. HPCR systems usually operate at a pressure range between 27,000 and 45,000 psi. Read on to understand the importance of cleaner diesel

Common rail fuel system components work under the above-mentioned pressure ranges multiple times every second. They simply do not have the time or tolerance for unclean, dirty, contaminated, and wet fuel. It has been observed that tiny particles the size of bacteria are creating erosion. Erosion harms the injector’s ability to seal. The contamination is mostly linked to premature diesel pump failure.

What is Cleaner Diesel?

Clear diesel is commonly called LPG or liquified petroleum gas. It is the end product of natural gas processing and oil refining efforts. 

Even though clean diesel is not the solution to all our pollution problems, the fact that makes clean diesel stand out from regular diesel is that it removes 97% of sulfur in traditional diesel. It also reduces soot emissions from diesel vehicles by ten per cent. 

According to the Diesel Technology Forum, the introduction of low-ultra sulfur fuel for both off-road and on-road applications is the primary part of the clean diesel system devised to meet near-zero emissions standards.

How Clean Is Your Diesel Fuel? 

Clean diesel has become a popularized concept. You might be wondering if clean diesel is cleaner than standard diesel. As mentioned previously, clean diesel is cleaner than standard diesel as it emits less soot and reduces the amount of sulfur found in it. 

New studies prove that diesel is more environmentally friendly than gas. Clean diesel is the better alternative option for avid diesel truck drivers around the world. 

One of the major obstacles faced by clean diesel is a 2016 scandal that was caused by Volkwagen, a car manufacturer. This popular car manufacturer designed and developed a new line of clean diesel vehicles. Even though these vehicles passed the emissions tests, it was later found that these vehicles had defeat devices that concealed the fact that they emitted 40 times the permitted amount of pollutants when used regularly. 

The above-mentioned scandal has got nothing to do with clean diesel, rather it shows how far these car manufacturers will go to promote “clean diesel”.

The Benefits of Clean Fuel and of Keeping Fuel Clean

The benefits of clean diesel help us understand the importance of cleaner diesel. The factors or benefits that help clean diesel stand out are as follows:  

  • Since propane is not a greenhouse gas, it does not trap heat in the atmosphere causing warmer temperatures. It will never contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. 
  • It is environmentally safe and sound. It does not harm the soil or the drinking water. 
  • Propane does not affect saltwater ecosystems or freshwater. If propane falls or leaks into freshwater, it will not affect the underwater marine or plant life. 
  • Air pollution is an important issue affecting every city and town. But, propane vapor does not cause air pollution. 
  • If propane was to be accidentally ingested by birds, animals, or even people, it does not cause them any harm. 
  • It is an effective substitute for oil and gasoline. It can be used to power many light, medium, and heavy vehicles.
  • It has a high-octane rating which makes clean fuel the best choice for spark-ignite internal combustion engines. 


How Does the Fuel Get Contaminated?

Fuel contamination occurs when water and bacterial microbes find a home in your diesel fuel supply. There are many ways in which contaminants can enter the fuel. However, the most frequent issue happens due to condensation, atmospheric absorption, and leaking in the fuel tank. 

Water is the main cause of contamination as it will cause a series of chain reactions. Microbes thrive and flourish in water, causing the build-up of sludge in the mix. It blocks the filters and causes complications with fuel stability causing long-term damage to the engine. 

Pure microbial contamination is different from water contamination. It is accelerated when you mix higher FAME or Fatty Acid Methyl Ester with low sulfur content. When water is added to the equation, it gives bugs more opportunity to develop in the interface between the fuel and water.

 Purchase Clean Fuel From the Best Possible Supplier

When it comes to purchasing fuel, purchase from the best diesel suppliers in Dubai. There are many factors to be considered in choosing the best possible supplier. 

Ensure that you prioritize the customer experience. An ideal supplier should allow you to set up a unique profile and place orders online. This will help you to track your deliveries online. You should also be able to get your fuel delivered quickly to your doorstep. A leading fuel supplier will always reply to the questions and concerns raised by the customers.

Redlines Diesel Trading, one of the best fuel trading companies in the UAE, allows you to place an order online. We provide clean fuel at market prices, and it will be delivered as quickly as possible to your doorstep.

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