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Maximizing Your Diesel Engine Performance: Tips from Redline Diesel

Date:05-04-2023 | By:

Having a diesel engine is great. Even though diesel engines are known to have more performance than gasoline, engines fleet managers and many others are still looking for ways to improve diesel engine performance. 

In this blog, we will be discussing the methods for increasing the fuel mileage and performance of your diesel engine recommended by the experts at the top fuel suppliers in Dubai.

Diesel engine performance is mainly based on two areas. Modification/Upgrades and Behavioural. In the modification area, we will be focusing on the professional and equipment side and upgrades to boost the fuel mileage. The behavioral part will explain factors you need to keep an eye on to operate your engine and the best practices for better performance. 

1. Use Diesel Fuel Additives

Changing filters regularly and using diesel fuel injection cleaners are the best way to make it is running smoothly. Deposit modifiers, lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, water demulsifiers, freeze depressants, and other diesel fuel additives can benefit your engine and boost efficiency.  

2. Diesel Turners 

Also known as programmers, these are small electronic devices that can help manage and optimise the performance of your diesel engine, essentially 'tuning' your engine to your demands as a driver. Tuners are quite simple to install, inexpensive, and can significantly improve fuel efficiency. There are a variety of turners available in the market including EDGE tuners, STT tuners, and EFI Live tuners for boosting performance.

3. Performance Air Filters and Cold Air intakes 

Installing air filters and cold air intakes is one of the effective methods to improve your diesel engine performance. They are known for aiding in reducing airflow restriction while filtering impurities and keeping your engine clean.

4. Upgrading the exhausting system 

Yes. Upgrading the exhaust system is equally important in a diesel engine’s performance. Installing or even updating an exhaust system with a better capacity allows the engine to have more horsepower. More torque and horsepower will be supported by an upgraded exhaust system. Furthermore, improved ventilation will help keep the temperature in your engine low, extending the life of your investment.

5. Upgrading Diesel Fuel injectors

Updating to performance fuel injectors can increase the power range of your diesel engine and improve fuel efficiency. With the proper mechanical changes, some fuel injector upgrades even promise to improve diesel engine horsepower by 50 to 100 hp. Fuel injectors increase the amount of energy in the combustion process. Ultimately, more energy means higher engine power.

6. Turbocharger 

A turbocharger is a good investment when it comes to diesel engine upgrades that reflect on the performance. It's especially beneficial if you're towing or hauling hefty loads with your diesel engine. Essentially, a turbocharger forces more air into the combustion chamber of your diesel engine, providing more oxygen and resulting in greater power.

7. Regular engine Tune-Ups 

Frequent checks on your diesel engine will assist discover any flaws that may be affecting its performance and may save you money on future repairs. When components of your diesel engine operate at extremely high pressures, it can cause significant wear and strain on your engine. Maintenance performed regularly by a qualified diesel technician will also help to improve performance and efficiency.

8. Aerodynamic Drag Reduction

Drag reduction is one of the most commonly accepted methods of increasing fuel efficiency in transportation fleets. Vortex generators, fairings, side skirts, vented mud flaps, drive fenders, and wheel coverings are all utilised to reduce drag on tractor-trailers. Using these drag-reducing gadgets can save hundreds of dollars in fuel costs per year.

Ways to Boost Diesel Engine Fuel Mileage                           

1.Accelerate evenly 

Putting the pedal to the medal and accelerating fast will hurt your diesel engine’s fuel mileage. The better your fuel efficiency the lower the RMPs used in your diesel

2.Know your engine 

After driving a diesel truck or automobile for a while, you'll find the "sweet spot" for the engine, which is when your engine is producing the most torque.

3.Avoid Idling 

Try to avoid excess Idle time when you are warming up your engine.

4.Use Synthetic Oil 

Switching from conventional to synthetic oil can improve fuel efficiency. In many circumstances, high-quality fluids will enhance overall fuel mileage.

5.Check your tyres 

Driving on inflated tyres will also affect your fuel efficiency. While tyre condition and psi should be part of every pre-check, variations in air temperature can cause tyre air pressure to rise when it's hot and fall when it's cold.

Fuel Trading Companies in UAE reiterate that it's crucial to conduct your study and figure out how to maximize diesel fuel efficiency.

Redlines Diesel Trading, one of the top diesel trading companies in Abu Dhabi, with substantial stocks of fuel stored for lengthy periods and ready to be dispatched for your fueling needs. Contact us for additional information on lowering your monthly diesel costs and saving money.



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