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Fueling Your Knowledge: A Breakdown of Diesel Types

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Diesel fuel is the main aspect to run diesel engines. It is also more efficient than gasoline owing to the percentage of gallons than gasoline. Furthermore, it is way more safer than gasoline that its vapors don’t ignite or explode as gasoline vapors do. Moreover, generators that run on diesel are used to power remote sites and industrial facilities. These pieces of equipment that run on diesel are used all around the world as a backup for emergency supply of power for hospitals, data centers, government facilities, and other critical facilities. This blog is about Fueling Your Knowledge: A Breakdown of Diesel Types. If you are seeking diesel trading companies in UAE, we provide quality fuels at the right time. 

Different Types of Diesel

The following are the various types of diesel fuel.

Petroleum Diesel

Also known as fossil diesel is one the most common type of fuel, mainly used in large-capacity like vehicles buses, freight trains, trucks, and vehicles as well as construction sites and farms. Some of the passenger vehicles are powered by petroleum diesel too. Its constituents are taken from the fractional distillation of crude oil, non-synthetic fuel at temperatures between 200-350 degrees Celsius at atmospheric pressure. A mixture of carbon chains, that contains almost 8-20 carbon atoms per molecule is attained as a result. Most cars run on standard gasoline and consumers who drive pickup trucks highly rely on diesel as it offers more fuel efficiency, and diesel engines tend to be increasingly durable and powerful.

Synthetic Diesel

The development of synthetic diesel is the result of the desire to find low-carbon fuel alternatives as time advances. It can be obtained from any carbonaceous material that is not limited to biomass, natural gas, biogas, and coal. Once the natural substance is gasified and purified, it undergoes a process called the Fischer-Tropsch which is fundamentally a series of chemical reactions which change the mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide into a hybrid element called hydrocarbons. This kind of diesel is commended for its qualities like near-zero sulfur content, and reducing emissions.


It is a friendly and ecological type of diesel that is a cleaner-burning diesel. It is derived from renewable and natural resources like animal fats and vegetable oils. Biodiesel fuels gained their name from the once-living materials used for production. Vegetable oils, including soybean, corn, grapeseed oil, or animal fats mix with alcohol in producing different esters in a process called transesterification. Many people mix the resulting product with petroleum diesel or, in some cases, replace it. Biodiesel is a cleaner diesel option that also helps farmers in producing adequate raw materials. However, some engines deal with corrosion or blockage issues if they weren’t designed with biodiesel as the intended fuel type. It helps in reducing American dependence on foreign petroleum. As a matter of fact, it also aids in the creation of green jobs and in upgrading our environment. 

Redlines Diesel is one of the impeccable diesel supplier in Dubai when it comes to bulk diesel fuel for your vehicles and equipment. From on-site refueling to the storage of safe fuel in the management system, we can help you save money and reduce business downtime in the long run.   

Hydrogenated Oils and Fats

Similar to a synthetic diesel, this type of diesel engages in converting triglycerides ( a chemical composite also known as an ester that is made from fatty acids and glycerol) that are mainly found in animal fats and vegetable oils into alkanes with a procedure that hydrates and refines the substance. Renewable diesel taken from hydrogenation or HDRD is another alternative to fossil diesel which is based on vegetable oil. Instead of using the fatty acid methyl esters biodiesel does, HDRD depends on the conversion of the oil’s triglycerides. The resulting product is a cleaner fuel source with higher oxidation stability. HDRD also eases operations with good low-temperature and declined injector deposit formation.

Dimethyl Ether (DME)

It is a type of diesel fuel that has the potential to be renewable. It is also a non-toxic and clean-burning fuel that possesses high cetane value and discreet combustion. It is a great alternative with a low-cost system with low soot and reduced NOx emissions. 

Advantages of Using Diesel Fuel

The benefits of using diesel fuel to aid in shaping the world have been countless, even though, there are an array of benefits and drawbacks that should be acknowledged. Engines that are powered by diesel fuels are known to acquire better fuel economy when compared to engines that run on gasoline. 

To reiterate, many industries and consumers depend on equipment and vehicles that run on diesel. In the energy and fuel sector, we can benefit from knowing the various types of diesel fuel that we may need to provide, trade, or use for ourselves. Our diesel exporters in UAE can help you attain fuel anywhere, anytime. 

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