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Everything You Need to Know About Dyed Fuel or Dyed Diesel

Date:14-10-2022 | By: Redlines Diesel Trading

Even though dyed fuel is quite common nowadays, there was a time when diesel was sold without being dyed. Diesel, being used in road vehicles, military boats, and construction vehicle to machinery, have become the most sought-after and readily available, but making it easily available can also make it easily available to overuse, and using the fuel illegally have become more prevalent as well.

With the regulations now set in place by the united states, it is mandatory that all diesel put up for sale should be either clear or colored with dye. Now you might be curious why dyed diesel, one of the primary reasons to switch to dyed diesel is to collect fuel taxes, clean the air, and test if the fuel is used illegally. Read to know everything you need to know about dyed fuel or dyed diesel


What Is Dyed Diesel?

As the name suggests, it is simple, dyed fuel is mixed with a reddish dye to give it a reddish hue, it is also called red diesel in the UK. This is when it comes to red diesel, but there are other kinds of dyed diesel as well. Ok, now, not to get confused, regular white diesel is commonly used for general use like they are sold in the gas station. But dyed diesel, in which the dye is mixed and has a high sulfur content, is not available for public purchase. This red-dyed diesel can only be used by offroad vehicles like farming equipment and construction.


Where Can We Find Dyed Diesel?

So when it comes to dyed diesel since its usage on on-road vehicles is restricted, the US government, instead of taxing the fuel, rebates it, so most of the time, dyed diesel is cheaper than commercially used diesel. The EPA, or the environmental protection association, controls, monitors, and manages dyeing rules and regulations in the USA. So dyed diesel usually comes in various colors. In the USA, it is mandatory to dye the fuel red if it contains a high sulfur level. But do note that you cannot legally purchase it. Dyed fuels also come in colors like blue-dyed diesel, green-dyed diesel, or purple-dyed diesel, the main reason they are dyed in a different color is to distinguish them between red-dyed diesel and clear diesel. The government on-road vehicle mainly uses blue-dyed diesel, and the aviation industry utilizes purple or green-dyed diesel.


Misuse of Dyed Diesel

Since there are several chances of misuse of dyed diesel, IRF has commented that the illicit use of dyed diesel can be fined from 1000$ to 10$ per gallon, including the tax. The state can decide on additional fines if they want. Since regular folks are unaware of it, the usual routine is a government investigator is hired, they carry out a field investigation, and even if a trace amount of dye is found in the test, you are violating the rules, and legal action will be taken. The main areas where the investigators conduct their investigation and test fuels are weighed stations, safety check stations, agricultural shows, and other places where both on-road and off-road vehicles are often used. In the easiest way to explain, if you are found using dyed fuel illegally, you can end up with excess taxes, if you work for a company, you could get fired, and also you will easily fall under the radar of IRF and state tax authorities.


Dyed Diesel Uses

When it comes to vehicles, diesel vehicles have a diesel engine that can use on-road diesel. In reality, no vehicle actually requires off-road diesel or dyed diesel. But the primary reason why dyed diesel is used in off-road sites is exempt farmers, construction firms, and others from the burden of paying extra tax. It is affordable for those who require the fuel for large-scale use of the fuel and do not have to pay extra, unlike regular diesel. Please note that if you try to use dyed diesel to avoid taxes, what would result in paying more than what you bargained for?


Regulations on Dyed Diesel

Since it is cheaper and tax exempted than regular diesel, dyed diesel can often be misused, so to ensure it is appropriately used, it is often heavily regulated. Legally, dyed diesel can only be used in off-road vehicles and equipment. Since it is illegal to use, there are investigators hired by the government to conduct a field investigation. The dyed diesel might not look red or any other color, but it could be, and this can only be detected by the specific test kit that was made to detect them. There are certain instances you can use off-road fuel, like during a state of emergency declared by the government or during a natural disaster. So do keep in mind that if you are caught using dyed fuel, you have to face drastic consequences.


Wrapping up

Purchasing it legally through either fuel trading companies in UAE, diesel fuel suppliers in UAE, or fuel suppliers in Dubai for legal use, would not land you in trouble. Now that you know a basic idea of dyed fuels, I hope you use them with good intentions. For queries, reach out to Redline Diesel Training.

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