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Diesel vs. Petrol: Which is More Cost Effective for Your Business?

Date:27-03-2023 | By:

Running a business is a constant battle between one’s income and expense. Many business owners face hardships when unexpected expenses show up on their monthly statements. However, one common expense that occurs every month and is inevitable is the cost of fuel. If your business is looking to save money on fuel, you may be wondering Which is More Cost Effective for Your Business: diesel or petrol. Fuel suppliers in Dubai often get asked this question by many. While there are pros and cons to both fuels, it eventually boils down to their respective usage. 

Choosing the Best Fuel for Your Needs

When it comes to fuel, there's a lot of confusion. Diesel and petrol are both types of fuel, but they perform different functions in vehicles. Petrol is used to power an internal combustion engine, while diesel is a fuel that powers an electric motor.

The main reason why diesel is more expensive than petrol is because of the cost of refining and transporting it. If you're planning on using your car for business purposes, that might not matter much since most people don't drive their cars as often as they use their planes or trains. But if you're an oil business and need to ship large amounts of fuel around the world, then transportation costs will be a much bigger factor in determining how expensive one fuel is over another.

If you're looking at this from a purely economic standpoint, then we recommend trying out both types of fuel before making any final decisions about which one will work best for you.

Benefits of Using Diesel Over Petrol for Your Business

  • Diesel cars have a higher margin of safety than petrol ones. 
  • Diesel vehicles depreciate slowly, which means your investment in them doesn’t vanish overnight. Due to their power, diesel engines can tow heavy loads with ease. This makes them useful for business owners who regularly travel long distances with their fleet of cars.
  • Diesel engines are more reliable than petrol ones, which means that their maintenance costs are lower as well. This is because when compared to petrol engines that use spark plugs and fuel injectors for ignition and combustion, diesel engines use mechanical fuel injection technology. This results in cheaper repairs for mechanics and lower maintenance costs for you.
  • Diesel vehicles have many advantages over petrol ones but they cost more money upfront
  • Diesel engines are generally more efficient at burning fuel than their petrol counterparts.
  • Depending on the car as well as the engine used, a diesel engine uses 15-20% less fuel compared to a petrol engine. 
  • Diesel cars can haul more load
  • Diesel engines are generally more efficient at burning fuel than their petrol counterparts. Depending on the car as well as the engine used, a diesel engine uses 15-20% less fuel compared to a petrol engine. However, the price of this efficiency is a higher premium compared to the petrol variant of the same car.
  • Diesel fuels have got better standards and better insulation for engines and vehicles in general. 
  • From fewer visits to the service station to stronger engine parts that don’t fail as often, diesel engines are more reliable than petrol in the long run. They are costlier to repair than petrol but they fail less often as compared to petrol thus making the odds in favor of diesel

Petrol, on the other hand, has a different kind of standard and as such, it goes through greater oxidation and rusting which results in lesser performance over time. Petrol is made from natural gas, which has lower emissions than diesel—this means that it doesn't have as many harmful particles floating around in the air after it burns. 

Petrol also produces less carbon dioxide during combustion compared to diesel—in fact, it produces about half as much CO2 per kilometer driven as diesel vehicles. So from an environmental perspective, petrol makes more sense, especially if your regular usage of vehicles is lesser. 

Why Diesel Is the Best Choice In UAE

The cost of diesel fuel in the UAE and the United Arab Emirates as a whole is relatively high, but this is not an issue when you consider how much money you can save by switching to a more fuel-efficient engine. Fuel trading companies in the UAE know that Diesel is more expensive than petrol fuel in the UAE because it's made from oil and requires more refining, so it's important to do your research and find out which type of fuel will be the most cost-effective for your business. 

Redlines Diesel Trading is one of the leading diesel trading companies in Abu Dhabi that has large reserves of diesel stored over long periods, ready to be dispatched. Contact us for more information on how to bring down your monthly fuel cost and save big. 

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