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Diesel Breakdown According to Quality: Increase Your Knowledge

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Regular testing of diesel fuel quality is vital no matter the usage of diesel fuel. It is essential to understand the quality impacts of a fuel that can enhance the performance and function of equipment if you usually store diesel fuel for an emergency or regular use. Poor quality of diesel fuel can effect on a negative impact on performance and it can even damage the equipment. In most extreme scenarios, poor quality of the fuel can result in the failure of equipment. Therefore, it is important to know about the testing of diesel fuel and it has great significance in various industries. This blog is about Diesel Breakdown According to Quality: Increase Your Knowledge. If you need quality-tested diesel fuel, you can contact Redlines Diesel, one of the best fuel suppliers in Dubai that provides quality fuel. 

Importance of Diesel Quality

We need every technology to last efficiently for a longer period of time. For a diesel engine to properly function it has to be maintained well with the supply of adequate quality and clean fuel. Fuel cleanliness is a vital factor that can maintain the efficient performance and reliability of diesel equipment. A new level of cleanliness is essential for high-pressure common rail fuel systems. Cummins always remains in the development process of low-emission off-highway engines, high performance which plays a role in exceeding strict regulations that are in place globally. We provide products that are capable of achieving standards while continuing to increase durability, customer satisfaction, and expectations. New products need advanced fuel system technology for better quality and cleanliness of fuel. You can get quality diesel fuels from our Fuel trading companies in UAE.

Diesel Fuel Quality Testing

Quality of the diesel fuel is vital as it is directly related to the performance of an engine. High-quality diesel fuel can light quicker and burn more efficiently. Moreover, uncontaminated fuel protects various parts and equipment from potential damage. You can measure diesel fuel quality by defining the cetane number that shows the speed and efficiency of the combustion. There are other tests that have the potential to measure the contamination and stability levels that can also affect the performance of the functions. In some other cases, sending various samples to certain fuel testing laboratories will be needed in order to get precise results on measurement. Connect with our diesel trading companies in Abu Dhabi If you have any queries regarding diesel fuel. 

Impurities will be accumulated in the diesel fuel that is stored which can degrade the performance and quality of the fuel. Proper storage techniques are to be used and efficient maintenance of the fuel tank can avoid the mechanism of building up these impure substances. Some of the common contaminants are mentioned in the following. 

Molecules of water: by the process of hydrolysis, water molecules play a role in breaking down diesel fuel. They would also help microbial life by providing them with a breeding ground.  

Microbial life: many microorganisms like fungi and bacteria interfere with diesel fuel in an array of ways. They are responsible for providing corroding acids, restricting fluid flow, equipment damage, and clogging filters. 

Dirt: one of the contaminant problems is the buildup of sediments. Dirt particles like dust, sand, and others present in diesel fuel can bring a great impact on the performance of the engine and can result in the failure of equipment. 

The quality of diesel fuel is tested with parameters like cetane number, lubricity, sulfur content, and stability.

How to Test With Cetane Number

Cetane is a liquid carbon that is colorless and can be ignited effortlessly with compression. For this reason, it is provided with a base rating of 100 that is utilized in the standard performance measurement of compression ignition fuels like biodiesel and diesel. 

The determination process of true cetane rating of diesel fuel needs the usage of accurately controlled test engines and processes of analysis of fuel that depends on exacting conditions and equipment. Using engines and their processes, various instruments for testing fuel can be expensive as well as time-consuming. Many of the formulators of diesel fuel basically use a calculated method to define cetane number. 

To reiterate, various industries need to have storage for diesel fuel in case of emergency or regular use. Regular testing of fuel quality is a vital part of storing fuel. Quality testing of the fuel ensures effective and safe performance on use. ASTM tests measure cetane rating and oxidative stability. Moreover, it also tests on water, sediments, microbial content, and sulfur presence. These test results can affect the performance of the equipment. Lack of positive results defines the unusability of a fuel that can even damage the equipment. Hence, it is essential to look for the quality of diesel fuel. It can also determine compliance with legal standards. Get in touch with our diesel traders in Dubai that doesn't compromise on the quality of fuel.

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