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Benefits of using premium diesel fuel

Date:03-08-2021 | By: Redlines

We have all seen the 2 different types of diesel at the fuel station: Premium and standard. Chances are that we avoid the slightly higher-priced premium diesel and stick with the standard diesel. The main difference between the two apart from the pricing is the inclusion of additives. These additives are added to help extend the life of the engine and increase the mileage/durability. Today we will discuss the known benefits of using premium diesel fuel

For a private vehicle owner, the decision to switch back and forth between the available options does not make a huge difference. However, for a fleet owner, even the smallest change in the routine schedule depends on many important decisions to make for the profitable running of the operation. Among them, the choice of fuel to use is undoubtedly one of the pivotal ones. Many fleet owners do not care to consider how much a premium diesel fuel can increase their overall efficiency and equipment longevity in the long term. Fuel suppliers in Dubai promote premium diesel for numerous reasons

1. Cleaner Engines
Particles resembling detergents are added to the premium diesel to keep your fuel and engine components clean. These additions in the diesel reduce greasy buildup on engine parts which reduces the life of those parts over time. Clean parts mean greater horsepower, improved fuel efficiency and longer life for engines. Moreover, there is a moral responsibility on each of us to battle the inevitable environmental crisis. So every small step we take towards a cleaner atmosphere will benefit us and the future generations to come.

2. Avoid deposits
One of the main losses faced by fleet owners is the downtime of the vehicles, either due to maintenance or breakdown. Every minute of the day, the trucks are not running errands, the owner has to make other arrangements to honour the client commitments. Premium fuels address the fuel oxidation problems using injection stabilizers, thereby preventing unnecessary deposits in the injectors. Removing the deposits is a hectic job and may result in downtime.

3. Prevent Moisture
Moisture content is known to rust metallic parts, rendering them useless and involves huge losses due to changes in parts. In order to prevent this, demulsifiers are included to separate water from the fuel. This will in turn prevent unwanted moisture from being carried through the fuel system into the engine that usually creates wear on injectors. Besides, premium diesel will ensure fewer filter replacements. 

4. Quicker start-ups
Cetane, also referred to as hexadecane or isocetane, measures a fuel’s ignition delay. It is the measure of how quickly the fuel and air mixture combusts in your engine to distribute power through the shafts. Premium diesel enables a shorter delay and better ignition quality since it has higher cetane content. This leads to reduced wear on your batteries and starter, faster ignition and all the while contributing less pollution. Higher pollution contributing vehicles could also be scrutinized more by the environmental laws, which could lead to unavoidable fines and complications.

5. Lesser friction
It is a well-known fact that friction causes the eventual wear and tear in any moving parts. Added lubrication in an engine helps to reduce the overall friction which is highly beneficial for the engine. Diesel lubricants assist in reducing the friction and wear of the injection components and the fuel pump. These engine parts are constantly under intense pressure during their use and any friction-reducing agents provide up to 15% better protection against wear due to friction on the fuel pump than a standard diesel fuel does.

When all the engine components work together, the engine is cleaner and runs more efficiently. One of the benefits of using premium diesel fuel is, it can ensure more power and superior fuel economy compared to standard diesel. Besides, the costs saved on maintenance work will surely justify the difference in the price. The cost of equipment/vehicles is pretty steep and constantly changing them is never a viable option for any business or private use. Premium diesel engines will increase their life which will be more economical than replacing worn-out machines.

Redlines Diesel Trading is one of the best diesel trading companies in Abu Dhabi that deals with suppliers and fuel stations all across the UAE. Their premium diesel is in high demand and can benefit the environment as well as the individual in the long run.

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